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hello! my name is Andrew

I’m an actor, musician, writer, and coach with an Acting MFA from Brown University/Trinity Rep. 

I grew up in the Midwest with my younger sisters, am a die-hard White Sox fan, and I have an encyclopedic knowledge of horror movies which stretches back to my mom letting me stay up late to watch old Kaiju movies and Universal Monster flicks.


I began playing music and performing at the age of 5, and my first professional gigs were in my teens. I continue to write and perform as a multi-instrumentalist today. My acting career kicked off in my early 20s, and I have performed professionally from coast to coast.


As an actor and performer, I thrive in ensemble and collaborative efforts—I strive to cultivate communities of playful, responsible recklessness and joy in my work, and am dedicated to using art as a tool for social justice, anti-racism, and social change.


Pronouns: he/him

Height: 6' 2"

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color: Brunette

Pizza: Pepperoni


Based in New York, NY.

Can be local hire in Chicago, IL and Providence, RI.

'The brightest moments involve the lovebirds: Mr. Gombas vividly conveys Claudio’s wide-eyed gullibility...One glowing delight in this production is a wistful duet that Mr. Gombas and Drew Valins (as Don Pedro) share on mandolin and harmonica during the song-poem 'Sigh No More'"  

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Andy Webster

The New York Times

Stealing many a scene as Clarin...his antics, facial expressions and shtick are priceless. Andrew keeps you laughing all night long as he runs about the stage and the theatre. He wins the sympathy of the audience completely. 

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Michael Hoban

New England Theater Mirror

" Andrew Gombas is a dreamy Orlando, no problem believing Rosalind fell in love immediately.  He’s not only comfortable speaking the bard’s words, but singing them and playing the guitar too."

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Donna Herman

The Front Row Center

"Andrew Gombas is both physically and emotionally perfect as John...This is a very impressive performance."

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Roy Berko

Cool Cleveland

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